Discover the best sites across Cusco

Tayra Tours is a licensed Peruvian tour operator. We offer Machu Picchu Tours, Inka Treks and Adventures.
  • 8Years in the market
  • +55Travel Itineraries
  • +100's5 Star Testimonials

Discover the best sites across Cusco

Tayra Tours is a licensed Peruvian tour operator. We offer Machu Picchu Tours, Inka Treks and Adventures.
  • 8Years in the market
  • +55Travel Itineraries
  • +100's5 Star Testimonials

We make each journey an unforgettable adventure

We have years of experience operating authentic and unique expeditions, with a genuine focus on retracing the path explored by the Incas. We are the pioneers in designing innovative itineraries, and many say that our journeys begin where others end.

Machu Picchu Train and Bus Tours

Machu Picchu: The South American World Wonder

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes, Machu Picchu will captivate you with its enigmatic charm and mystical aura. Its millennia-old ruins stand as testaments to a remarkable civilization!

Our Machu Picchu Tour Testimonials

  • I hired and had the support of Tayra Tours Adventures. Excellent service. It is a family-owned company that offers exclusive attention. For 4 days, they never failed to fulfill what was agreed upon. Always attentive and punctual. I recommend them to everyone who wants to visit Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and the surrounding areas.

    Santiago, Chile
  • Very nice people, excellent team, and spectacular services… I contacted Richard from Chile, and he always answered my calls and guided me in everything necessary to successfully plan a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu without any problems… We traveled as a group of 7 people, and they always made us feel safe and fulfilled everything stipulated in the offered tours. Absolutely recommendable!!! Thank you very much to the Tayra Tours team for everything!!!

    Jose luis m
    TripAdvisor Review
  • We have booked some tours online! In my personal experience, from the first contact with Richard until the end of the tour, everything was extremely transparent, reliable, and safe! We had 5 days of different tours, including Machu Picchu. We had constant communication with Richard, always attentive, as well as his team!!! We are very satisfied and happy!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

    TripAdvisor Review

From $115

Machu Picchu by Bus (2 Days)

City of Cusco - Machu Picchu

From $260

Machu Picchu by Train (1 Day)

City of Cusco - Machu Picchu

From $330

Machu Picchu by Train (2 Days)

City of Cusco - Ollantaytambo - Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu

From $340

Sacred Valley VIP with Machu Picchu (2 Days)

City of Cusco - Sacred Valley (Maras, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero) - Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu

From $340

Inca Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu (4 Days)

City of Cusco - Abra Malaga - Santa María - Santa Teresa - Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu
Tours in and around the City of Cusco

Cusco: Ancient Capital of the Inca Empire

Travel back in time and surround yourself by the remnants of an extraordinary civilization that once thrived here. Explore the well-preserved Inca sites, such as Sacsayhuamán and Qorikancha, where the walls whisper tales of a glorious past. Marvel at the intricate stonework and architectural marvels that continue to leave experts in awe.

Cusco 1-Day Tours

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain (All Day)

13 Hours
The Rainbow Mountain or 'Montaña Siete Colores' ('Mountain of Seven Colors') is a place truly unique and magical, formed by nature's whims. Along the way, we will encounter various South American camelids, such as alpacas […]
(16 Reviews)

Classic Sacred Valley Tour (All Day)

1 Day
Discover one of the most fertile valleys of the Peruvian south. The Sacred Valley of the Incas was since immemorial times one of the most important places due to the fertility of its lands, bathed […]
(7 Reviews)

Cusco City Tour (Half A Day)

5 Hours
Cusco is a beautiful city, located at 3,300 metres above sea level. Cusco City Tour is an excellent way to get familiarised with the history and culture.
(15 Reviews)

Maras and Moray Tour (Half a Day)

5 Hours 30 Minutes
Explore the captivating Maras & Moray tour in Cusco, where you'll discover the ancient agricultural research center of Moray, with its impressive concentric terraces, followed by a visit to the fascinating Maras Salt Mines, where […]
(5 Reviews)

Trekking to Waqrapukara (All Day)

1 Day
Waqrapukara is a new tourist attraction whose mysteries have not yet been deciphered. It provides a magnificent view of the night sky. Waqrapukara is an Inca archaeological complex located near the Apurimac River, at 4,300 […]
(1 Review)

Sacred Valley VIP (Full Day)

11 Hours
The Sacred Valley VIP tour is for people with limited time, allowing travelers to visit up to 5 archeological sites in 1 day: Chincheros, Maras and Moray, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Pisac.
(4 Reviews)

South Valley Tour in Cusco (Half a Day)

5 Hours
This tour is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, Inca architecture in Tipón, and pre-Inca Wari architecture in Pikillacta. You will visit Andahuaylillas and its beautiful Chapel, known as the "Sixtine Chapel of America". And […]

Qeswachaka Rope Bridge Tour (All Day)

Day Trip
The Q'eswachaka (or Qeswachaka) Rope Bridge Tour is a day trip from Cusco to the last remaining Inca rope bridge. The Qeswachaka rope bridge is made entirely of woven grass and hangs 15 meters above […]
(1 Review)

Inca Trek

Humantay Lake Tour (One Day)

13 Hours
The Humantay Lagoon is a place that stuns with its immensity, colors in the landscape, turquoise waters, and its spectacular panoramic views surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which makes it one of the must-see tourist destinations […]
(6 Reviews)

Lares Trek to Machu Picchu (4 Days)

4 Days
This trek is one of the best alternatives to the Classic Inca Trail. It is a combination of nature, culture and adventure. This trek offers beautiful sights and takes you through the rich pastoral regions of […]
(2 Reviews)

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu (3 Days)

3 Days
The Salkantay Trek is a hiking trail in south America and an alternative to the traditional Inca Trail for reaching Machu Picchu. It provides a unique combination of culture and mystic, preserved proudly by the […]

Trek to Choquequirao from Cusco (4 Days)

4 Days
Experience one of the most famous treks of Peru! Recommended for family trips, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. The Choquequirao ruins were most likely built during the reign of the Inca king, Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui. […]

Puno: Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

One Day Tour of Lake Titicaca

1 Day
During this one-day tour of Lake Titicaca, we will visit two islands: Uros and Taquile. Both of these islands have distinct characteristics, and the residents here uphold their traditions and customs. The island of Uros, […]
Arequipa Colca Canyon Puno

Lake Titicaca Tour (2 Days)

2 Days
The two-day trip to Lake Titicaca in Puno is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the region. It includes an overnight stay at a local family home on Amantani […]

The Sun Route: Cusco – Puno – Cusco

1 Day
The Sun Route from Cusco or Puno includes five stops. You will visit the Sistine Chapel of Andahuaylillas and the Raqchi Temple. We will stop for lunch in a village called Sicuani. Continuing on the […]

Postcards from our Tours

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Ludymila N
Ludymila N
Experiência ótima Realizei todos os tours em Cusco e Lima com a Tayra Yours. O atendimento foi expecional! Muito organizados, prestativos, muito claros nas informações e tiravam todas as dúvidas que eu tive (que não eram poucas!). A agência tem pessoas que estao estudando português e fazem questão de falar com a gente no nosso idioma, o que eu achei um diferencial no atendimento. Os guias todos com muita paixão pelos passeios, prontos para responder as dúvidas e muito divertidos também. Foram dias muito agradáveis no Peru e isso foi graças a agência! Obrigada pelo excelente trabalho.
Sabrina R
Sabrina R
Tour em grupo fizemos alguns tours com a tayra tours, como a salinas, maras moray, city tour, Machu pichu, vale sagrado, nossos guias foram a Karina e o nosso motorista foi o Fred, eles foram incríveis conosco, super recomendo a agência!
Gabriel H
Gabriel H
Viagem Machu Picchu Fomos muito bem recebidos desde a chegada no aeroporto. Recomendo nossa guia e motorista, Karina e Fred, ambos muito atenciosos e proativos. Com relação aos passeios, não tivemos problemas em nenhum! Tudo muito bem organizado.
Wilson D
Wilson D
Excelente Serviço! Gostamos muito do serviço prestado pela Tayra Tours, muito confiáveis e prestativos, nos atenderam muito bem, éramos um grupo de 9 pessoas. Recomendo!
Visita privata a Machu Picchu Abbiamo deciso di organizzare con loro una visita privata con trasporto privato da Cusco in giornata. È stato tutto organizzato al meglio. I biglietti ci sono stati consegnati il giorno prima direttamente in hotel da una guida che ci ha spiegato dettagliatamente il programma. Tutta la giornata si è svolta al meglio con un supporto tempestivo da parte dell’agenzia. Giornata splendida. Super consigliati!
Excelente tour El tour fue organizado muy bien desde la comunicación previa hasta la recogida y las varias visitas: incluso la típica visita que se hace en este tipo de tours en centros de artesanía para venderte cosas me resultó interesante. pero lo mejor de todo fue Elisabeth que en todo momento fue pendente del grupo, explicó sobre cada sitio que fuimos a ver y me ayudó ya que tenía mal de altura y al principio no me encontraba muy bien. Gracias!
Elvis Huamani
Elvis Huamani
Excelente Tours!!! Excelente servicio y experiencia de parte del Equipo de Tayra Tours de inicio a fin, la cual se tradujo en una buena organización para cada tours, guías muy preparados y super amables. Sin lugar a dudas lo recomiendo A1.
Fully Recommended! Everything was fine, the van picked us up on the hotel and we left for a good breakfast. The guide gave us a lot of information and we managed to climb the mountain. Tayra Tours always supported us and we had no problems! Totally recommended!
andres venier
andres venier
Laguna Humantay Excelente organización, salió todo muy bien tanto Violeta la coordinadora que nos asistió en cada momento como tambien el chofer muy buena onda.

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Qorikancha Peru

Qorikancha Peru is an unmissable attraction is Cusco. The temple was the holiest site of Incas. Also known as the temple of sun, the Spanish conquistadors demolished the golden glory and built the Santo Domingo cathedral on its remains. They however retained the basement of Qorikancha. This is one of the numerous sites where the...
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